Dr. Vittoria Lauro, MD is the Medical Health Director of D-LAB,

and our Clinical Acupuncturist.


–       Master on Acupuncture and Infertility, AMAB, Bologna (Italy), 2015-2016

–       Master on Acupuncture, Nanjing (China), 2014

–       Master on Acupuncture, AMAB, Bologna (Italy), 2012-2016

–       Master on Auricular Acupuncture, AMAB, Bologna (Italy), 2007-2009

–       Master on Business Management, Bologna University, Bologna (Italy), 2008

–       Pediatric Surgery specialization, Bologna University, Bologna (Italy), 1995-2000

–       Medical Degree, Perugia University, Perugia (Italy),1995

Job Positions:

–       Medical Health Director, D-LAB, Bologna (Italy), 2016-ongoing

–       Medical Health Manager, MediClinic, Pozzonovo (Italy), 2015-ongoing

–       Clinical Acupuncturist, 2012-ongoing

–       Clinical Researcher, Alfa Wassermann SpA, Bologna (Italy), 2006-2015

–       Brench Representative, Bologna (Italy), 2004-2006

–       Pediatric Surgeon, Maggiore Hospital, Bologna (Italy), 2002-2004

Pediatric Surgeon, Modena Hospital, Modena (Italy), 2000