Prof. Giuseppe Monetti, MS

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Giuseppe Monetti was born in Bologna, Italy, on November 3rd, 1951

  • Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Bologna, Italy.
  • Specialized in diagnostic radiology in 1985 at the Institute of Radiology at the same University.
  • Achieved the EEC European Diploma of Clinical Echography in 1986.
  • Author of five books about Integrated Muskuloskeletal Echography and Imaging.
  • Co-author of nine books inherent the Muskuloskeletal Apparatus.
  • Author of more than 350 papers both national and international about the Muskuloskeletal Apparatus.
  • Speaker in more than 500 national and international conferences about Muskuloskeletal matters.
  • Radiology Assistant, 1981 to 1982, at Civil Hospital in Suzzara (Mantova, Italy).
  • Assistant and lately co-responsible aid in the Radiology Department at “Arciospedale S. Maria Nuova” in Reggio Emilia, Italy, 1983 to 1992.
  • Since May 1992 Director of Diagnostic Imaging Department at the “Nigrisoli” Clinic in Bologna.
  • Advisor at the Medicine Institute for Sport in Bologna since 1985.
  • Official Echographist during 1990’s World Soccer Championship “Italia 90”.
  • Councilman of the Section of Diagnostic for Images in Sport Medicine of the S.I.R.M., 1989 to 1993 (and founding associate).
  • Teaching Professor at Schools of Specialty in Motor Sciences at the University of Bologna and at the Institute of Radiology of the University of Udine.
  • Adviser at the Legal Medicine Institute at the University of Bologna for Muskuloskeletal Diagnostic.
  • Director of the Muskuloskeletal Echography School since 1986.
  • From 2006 to 2007 Director of Medical Service Autodromo di Imola (Italy)
  • Muskuloskeletal Diagnostic Adviser at “Domus Nova” Clinic in Ravenna, Italy.
  • He collaborates with the Institute of Radiology of “Henry Ford Hospital” in Detroit for Imaging Diagnostic of the Muskuloskeletal Apparatus.
  • Councilman of the section of Muskuloskeletal Radiology of the S.I.R.M. (Italian Society of Medical Radiology) since May 2004.
  • Doctor of the radiological team for the Winter Olympic Games Turin 2006.
  • From 2013 Director of Medical Service Autodromo di Modena (Italy)

Dott.ssa Vittoria Lauro, MS

DLAB Center | Centro sportivo diagnostico a Bologna. Tel. 051.313705 o

Dr. Vittoria Lauro, MS is the Medical Health Director of D-LAB, and our Clinical Acupuncturist.


–       Master on Acupuncture and Infertility, AMAB, Bologna (Italy), 2015-2016

–       Master on Acupuncture, Nanjing (China), 2014

–       Master on Acupuncture, AMAB, Bologna (Italy), 2012-2016

–       Master on Auricular Acupuncture, AMAB, Bologna (Italy), 2007-2009

–       Master on Business Management, Bologna University, Bologna (Italy), 2008

–       Pediatric Surgery specialization, Bologna University, Bologna (Italy), 1995-2000

–       Medical Degree, Perugia University, Perugia (Italy),1995


Job Positions:

–       Medical Health Director, D-LAB, Bologna (Italy), 2016-ongoing

–       Medical Health Manager, MediClinic, Pozzonovo (Italy), 2015-ongoing

–       Clinical Acupuncturist, 2012-ongoing

–       Clinical Researcher, Alfa Wassermann SpA, Bologna (Italy), 2006-2015

–       Brench Representative, Bologna (Italy), 2004-2006

–       Pediatric Surgeon, Maggiore Hospital, Bologna (Italy), 2002-2004

Pediatric Surgeon, Modena Hospital, Modena (Italy), 2000

Michele de Vito Piscicelli

DLAB Center | Centro sportivo diagnostico a Bologna. Tel. 051.313705 o

Dr.Michele de Vito Piscicelli is one of D-LAB’s Founders and he’s the Commercial Manager of the center. He plan and stipulate the business conventions. You can contact him by e-mail at :